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Recent NightSeeing Tours

Photos: Christian Moyés  

Barcelona, Spain

As part of the premier global Smart City Expo World Congress, CICAT, the regional Catalan lighting cluster hosted a Barcelona NightSeeing™ LightWalk.  Leni Schwendinger encouraged attendees – government and lighting decision-makers from Europe and America – to discover the nocturnal landscape of the Sant Antoni neighborhood. The event's walking route privileged the visual qualities of cobbled streets, chamfered street corners, an evening market, vivid neon signs, and eccentric street lights. The tour was supported with local knowledge from Alberto Barberá, lighting designer of Anoche Iluminación.

Photos:  Tracy Shankle

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Lights is a non-profit association dedicated to outdoor lighting in the Boston area. Leni Schwendinger was invited to convene an exclusive NightSeeing™ LightWalk during the bi-annual Light Boston Expo. By request, her Light Talk focused on international lighting masterplans to guide designers to approach the city’s draft plans which neglect lighting. The Walk was spirited, with attendees, which also included city officials, debating local public, private and found light.

Photos: Keith Jacobs

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach’s Arts & Innovation District is in development. Leni Schwendinger convened NightSeeing™️ to address current nighttime and lighting issues and to set objectives for the future. Along with a LightTalk and LightWalk, the program included in-depth workshops. Residents, business owners, city employees and the Mayor participated.


Objectives include 1. Connecting pathways, 2. Lighting focal points for historic and innovative features, 3. Transformable spaces that welcome people at night.

Photos: Amy Tierney

Urban Humanities Initiative (host)
McArthur Park, Los Angeles

UCLA Urban Humanities doctoral students collaborated on a walking route through and around McArthur Park to reflect its history -- and future -- while expanding their perceptions of light and dark. Founded as an elegant stroll park, over time it has become contentious with changing populations and scarcity of maintenance. The city has initiated efforts to conserve and redesign the site. Attendees included local advocates.

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