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About the NightSense™ Program

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through retail and cultural offerings after dark


by extending the hours of walkability and social encounters


with illuminated legibility to increase users' confidence

Smart cities are the next evolution in sustainable urban communities.

The NightSense™ methodology, pioneered by urban designer Leni Schwendinger, empowers communities to harness the potential of data-driven digital technologies to reimagine nighttime environments. Through collaborative, consensus-building workshops that bring together all neighborhood stakeholders, NightSense™ helps cities navigate issues such as public space equity, safety, sustainability, economic vitality and cultural heritage.

While city innovation and sustainability often starts with street lighting conversion to low-wattage, long-life LED technology that reduces energy consumption, operating expenses, and maintenance costs, it can be so much more. Cutting-edge smart technologies can be used to foster inclusive spaces by streamlining government services, increasing community involvement in civic design and enhancing the after-sunset placemaking outcomes.


Cities looking to shape their smart city of the future can leverage NightSense™ to explore the possibilities of smart technologies all while empowering communities to co-design connected, sustainable and adaptable urban environments.


The NightSense™ team is standing by to help cities strategize their next move in designing the connected, innovative city of the future with the twin powers of smart technologies and community participation.

Are you ready to imagine the city of the future?
Envisioning Community Engagement in
Smart Lighting Design
Urban Nighttime Design: Bridging the Gap Between Community and Technology
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