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NightSeeing aims to transform cities at night into welcoming, inspiring, inclusive places.   

During the NightSeeing™ program, attendees learn to apply expert Leni Schwendinger's nighttime design methodology to enhance safety, economic development, and health to their neighborhoods by 

  • Increasing walkability, business open-hours, sociability, citizen engagement 

  • Reducing costs, energy, citizen complaints, and pedestrian safety  


[A three-part program] The first stage, The LightWalk is a high-spirited, experiential city adventure, during which participants discover a rich vocabulary to express the functionality and poetry of the after-dark environment through active learning.


During subsequent stages, leaders and community members workshop and strategize nocturnal futures for their neighborhood.  

I had the pleasure to participate in Leni's important "wake-up call" on how we want to develop our cities in the future. Leni brought up many important questions and leaves us in new light. Great work, looking forward to more!     

–– NightSeeing™ attendee (Times Square)

 Despite the Covid-induced constraints of a Zoom talk, through a virtual 'walk' through the City of London Leni was still able to artfully show the fundamental importance and advantages of night to our sense of place and understanding of our urban surrounds.

 –– Joe Wills, Centre for London

Virtual NightSeeing™ attendee (London)

Participate in our luminous world.
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