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Camilla Siggaard Andersen said:   July 8, 2018 12:39 pm PST
The Nightseeing Tour of London's streets for the International Day of Light was a truly wonderful exploration into the multi-faceted world of light and shadow, in relation to the city. Just as urban design is becoming more sensitive to people's behaviour and comfort at daytime, it must be equally considered at night. Leni Schwendinger (and team) were great at explaining the impact and atmosphere created by different light sources, as we trailed the streets at night, discussing everything from blinking warning lights to twinkling cafe candles. At the end of the tour, the importance of designing nighttime cities from a holistic perspective that considers all sources of light, as they relate to each other and relate to people's end-of-day activities, was undeniable. I hope more architects/designers/planners get the chance to experience the shades of night through Leni's eyes.

Sonia Livingstone said:   July 6, 2018 11:28 am PST
Thanks for the fabulous nighttime walk through Covent Garden, Leni. I loved focusing on the light in the city, and was amazed to learn of all the gas lights still shining throughout London. Now I feel closer to Dickens' city :-)

Alan Farnington said:   May 31, 2018 12:18 am PST
As Perth aims to deliver its five year City of Light Action Plan it was a pleasure to take the trip down to London to join Leni on the NightSeeing walking event. A fantastic way to meet and speak to people from a variety of backgrounds all with a shared interest in Light and its role in benefiting our cities in social inclusion, economic impact and safety. Leni’s energy and passion and humour shines through and her experience in the field make this event entertaining as well as highly informative. Approaches to the design and delivery of lighting involving the community to drive pride and a sense of ownership while not unique as a means in consultation were very interesting as with the tour itself in appreciating all aspects of light and how they work together or in a lot of respects don’t. If you have the opportunity to host this event or go to it in the future I would highly recommend.

Radka Ondrackova said:   September 5, 2017 8:13 am PST
We hosted Leni's NightSeeing and a special lecture at reSITE 2017 Prague about the In/visible City. Check where a video of her lecture will be shared during fall. She brought a truly eye-opening experience and attracted not only intrigued visitors, but also many editors, from Czech and international media. Urban lighting overlaps with a lot of city planning and city making aspects, from historical monuments preservation to security and 24-hr city concept. Urban lighting design can make a tangible change quite quickly and this is what makes it very attractive. Thank you Leni for this very valuable cooperation.

Andres Ramirez said:   September 1, 2017 12:34 pm PST
Nightseeing is a fun way for people to learn something new about everyday nighttime environments. It is also about developing a new vocabulary for something we are intimately familiar with, yet incapable of expressing. Light and shadow, color, movement and behaviour. Beyong lighting, Nighttime Design unlocks crucial conversations about public space, urban planning, policy, community, and more. Leni's insight draws from years of experience and ranges from artistic intuition to participatory planning to hi-tech smart city applications. I've been on several nighttseeing expeditions and I thoroughly recommend it!

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